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Biden's continuing the attack on law abiding citizens who happen to like shooting sports.
This was recieved this afternoon. Hopefully most of you will comment and hopefully force the ATF to reconsider.

Your help is needed, as the official comment period on ATF's rulemaking, "Definition of 'Engaged in the Business' as a Dealer in Firearms," began on Friday, September 8. Comments on the rule will be accepted for 90 days, until December 7, 2023. The more comments ATF receives exposing the flaws, false premises, and overreaching nature of the rule, the more ATF will have to answer for if the agency persists in this ill-conceived effort. While it might be true that no amount of well-reasoned opposition will cause the Biden Administration to discontinue its persecution of gun-owning America, thoughtful comments exposing the proposal's true nature may embarrass ATF into rewriting some of its worst provisions. And if that doesn't happen, judges will be on notice that ATF was warned of the proposal's problems when the final rule is, inevitably, challenged in court.

The easiest and most effective way to comment on the proposal is through the online portal at Be sure to reference docket number ATF 2022R–17 to identify the rulemaking on which you are commenting.

The full text of the proposed rule, as well as a lengthy preamble explaining ATF's rationalizations for it, is available at Stay tuned as well to for additional information and explanations of the rule's many defects. America's legion of law-abiding guns owners, however – especially those who make or have made occasional private sales for lawful purposes – are the best resource to educate ATF (and the judges who will later evaluate the final rule and its process of implementation) on why the rule is unworkable.

To read more about this proposed rule, click here.

Effective comments on ATF'S proposal will avoid inflammatory, hyperbolic, or vulgar language and calmly explain why the language of the proposed rule is unworkable, inconsistent with the underlying statute, or liable to reach innocent conduct that that does not implicate public safety. Other subjects for comment could include whether ATF correctly estimates the number of people the rule would require to register as dealers (24,540 to 328,296 people) and whether it would be feasible for ATF to administer this increase in workload. Comments could also address whether ATF's estimates of the burdens and costs imposed by the rule are accurate or whether ATF is underestimating them. Commenters can also help explain how private firearm sales and transfers happen among law-abiding people in the real world and why they are not the unreasonable public safety risk that gun prohibition advocates claim.

Commenters may identify themselves publicly or require ATF to withhold publishing their personally identifying information.

Remember, the comment period is limited, so do not delay in making your voice heard. Federal law requires ATF to respond to substantive comments. It is time to hold their feet to the fire on this over-reaching, illogical, and illegal proposal.

Yours in Freedom,

Clay Kimberling
NRA-ILA Grassroots
Accidentally hit the "mystery key" and 96% of the post vanished. This is not the first time; won't be the last. Have no ambition at this hour to start again...
I call that "fat fingering"
Happens to me quite frequently when I tap-out a text message on my phone with its tiny keypad. I am such a perfectionist in what I say and write that I always go back and correct the errors-- if not immediately-- before I send the message. I have received a message on from a young lady who wants to communicate with me outside of quora. She wrote that my spelling, sentence structure and grammar is always correct. I declined her offer; I'm already spending far too much time on that site...

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