I forgot how much I liked that bicycle seat sniffer..............
Oh, man! He is one truly worthless smear of intestinal extrusion, ain't he? I truly believe an unnamed Kenyan Marxist, Himmlery Rotten Klantoon and George Soros put this slow-brains dolt into the White House as punishment upon the American People because the Marxist could not be elected for a third term. The Biden Joke-ministration is that Kenyan flipping the People the double-barreled middle finger. This January 6 kangaroo kommittee is nothing more than an effort to create a charge that will keep Trump out of the 2024 race. The Tyranny-crats know Trump has 100 million voters just itching to pull the lever for him again. They also know they've buggered-up the country so badly that the People are going to throw them out in November like an old shoe. This is them as a bad guy firing a shot at the good guy just as the bad guy is taken underwater by a huge shark.

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