Hi everyone,

I was looking to purchase a set of budget compact binoculars for when I go hiking in the mountains or city exploring (when this is possible again).

Initially, I was looking at the very compact models (Opticron T4 8x25, Opticron Taiga 8x25, Minox BV 8x25, etc.), so I can carry them easily in the backpack, but decided to bump up the size/class a bit in order to get better quality of the image and build.

I would like it to have a good build quality, since I don't plan on changing it anytime soon. I also don't like overly fuzzy images, so sharpness is a requirement. I also want it to be fairly compact so it can be carried in a hiking backpack or a woman's purse.

I think I narrowed it down to the following models:

Opticron Savanna R 8x33
MINOX Xlite 8x34 (80408167)
Nikon PROSTAFF 7S 8X30

All within the 150 EUR range.

Unfortunately I have no way of comparing them so I have to rely on reviews, personal opinions and place the order online.

Any thoughts on the three will be appreciated. Any suggestions for similar models will be appreciated as well, but please keep in mind that now that Brexit is a thing, the choice is limited to stores within the EU and the choice may be limited.
Your not going to get much for a buck and half.

I bought some 10 x 35's and was tickled until I went to a Bass Pro Shop and tried the Vortex's and then Swarovskis's.
There are other brands and your eyes and the way they fit you will determine what you purchase.

I traded a S&W .45 auto for my Swaroskis's 12 x 50. The greatest for watching the birds of prey off the patio.

Try REI for comparisons. They used to let you try products, in the store to your hearts content. Join and you get money back depending on what you spend. Almost all of my camping gear is from REI.

I am really confused, your name says San Fransisco but yet your talking about something that means nothing to us, Brexit. So where are you?

We here are a welcoming group, however do not insult a bunch of Second Amendment people with foreign currencies. Your in the USA use what we use. Except in a very few places our road signs are in miles not kilometers.
The small glass is not very good on the low end; try the Buy once, cry once, and get a good set. Zeiss Tera or Steiner Safari Ultrasharp the low end for the brand but good glass compared to many. I wasted a lot of money on the cheaper ones and did not get what I wanted out of them.

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