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Buy your own gear, you'll get too much crap with the box, IMO.
Make a list, buy a little of what you want each week/month, call it your subscription. I used to buy a box of bullets every payday to save up, back when they were affordable.
There's so many companies making these "Boxes" monthly and more starting up every month. The problem I have is the advertised value vs. cost. The value's placed on some of the items is way over what you can find it for yourself. Brands with gun related stuff after watching multiple unpacking videos made me ask why would you let someone randomly choose your AR parts when they are not the ones you would have picked yourself. I think it's waste of money and watching the channels that do them you can see after a few months the excitement is gone and the critique of the items gets progressively worse and worse. I'd rather save my money, get exactly what I want and if they show something unique or cool I can always look up the site and buy it directly. YMMV

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