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Those Who Abhor Individual Liberty will fill their shorts when Americans show-up to support and defend the Right God gave to all men, but that only The Framers codified in just this one nation. That we have the Constitution we have is a miracle on the order of getting 4 billion pairs of a DNA molecule to all fall into an exact sequence and a healthy human baby is born. That's a miracle. We see so many kids born today, we kind o' forget that. But remember if just ONE of those pairs is a mismatch, we have a birth defect. Maybe one green eye and one blue eye. Or maybe mental retardation. Or maybe cancer in your toddler two or three years down the road.

If just one of The Founders had declined to pledge his life, his fortune and his sacred honor in July 1776, would we have even become a nation? If just one of The Framers had said "I don't feel like it today" on one of those hot, sweaty days in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, would we be the nation we are today? That's how fortunate we are as Americans. One failure could have stopped all of it from ever happening. Yet there are those who fervently seek to destroy one of our most precious and most vital of our Liberties. Once they get even one, what's to stop them from taking all of them? Germany was a nation of brilliant scientists, authors and thinkers in the early 1930s. Among the German People was one spectacular criminal. We all know what happened after some of his ideas got some traction...

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