Arizona May Ban Big-Cat Hunting

ya but snake hunting in yer front yards cool
Not so much, I grew up with snakes all over the place, they're just pests then and we never liked killing them. Mom or dad would usually capture them and release them away from the house. When you have chickens and rabbits there are always rodents in your out buildings and snakes come! My dog (a cocker spaniel/dachshund) killed a rattler in my bedroom closet! Crazy mutt, loved to kill rattlers! :confused:

And rattle snake tastes like chicken :D
No it doesn't! It has a texture like chicken, sorta. It tastes like a flippin' reptile though!
Never got to like them, but three seasons of the year, you won't starve in snake country!
Wilbur the Wildcat, who USED to have a pair of Colt SAAs strapped on until a few years ago when the weak kneed Calirefugees and Chicago ex-pats got the UofA to wimp out and disarm poor Wilbur.


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