Arizona Activists, Democratic lawmakers push for action on gun bills

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by Joe Link, Mar 12, 2018.

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    They can't and won't enforce gun laws already on the books. More laws won't solve anything......
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    In 1963 the Goals of Communism to take over the U. S. were read into Congress. If you do a web search you will find them. You will see just how many of those goals have been met thanks to the democrats. I have not though of democrats as the 'other party' since watching Bill Clinton give China 11 million pages of our nuclear secrets. If that wasn't bad enough he then loosen up ways our greedy military industrial complex to sell China our rocket secrets. Democrats have cost us wars we had already won. They started tapping our phones and reading our mail trashing our Constitution with it's Bill of Rights. Every time I hear 'it's almost as bad as Water Gate' I think it's a bad joke. Obama starts an illegal war on Libya and murders 130,000 of the ones he told us he had to save to start his illegal war in the first place. Libya the richest nation in Africa is turned into a bomb crater and victory flags of Al Qaeda fly across it. His administration sells uranium to Russia, holds meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood to help over throw an American ally of 35 years, Egypt. He gives Arabs the location of Israel's secret military base. He gives Russia the size and capabilities of Britain's nuclear submarine fleet. Then there is his lying right in our face over and over again.

    Almost as bad as Water Gate? Give me a break. Democrats haven't been the other party for a long time. With this country having way more than it's share of stupid don't think this 'party' is down for the count. Democrats are the enemy trying to take our rights. Not just one right but even your right to eat and drink what you want. You want to know what these traitors think of you try this: .

    What was said about the traitor from within? We can no longer allow stupid be the excuse to vote for these tyrants. Everything they touch they destroy. The 10 cities with the highest murder rates, between 35 and 56 per 100,000 have other things in common. Like high poverty, massive gun laws, and long histories of being ran by democrats. When murder rates went throw the roof in DC did democrats ever say lets give the people back their Second Amendment? Hell no they had their police violating the Fourth Amendment searching without probable cause and it did nothing to lower the murders. Not till Heller vs DC did the rate decrease. With California boasting on being the 7th biggest economy in the world some one needs to remind California before these democrats took over they were the 5th.

    Stop thinking of these chumps as the other party. They are the worst enemy we have ever faced, they speak our language, dress like us and are at every turn.

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