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A Pair Of New 9 MM Semi Auto's

Just a couple of quick phone pics. I picked up both last week. I ditched the black plastic grips on the CZ-75 as soon as the CZ Cocobolo Grips came in from Midway Saturday. They installed without a hitch, and fit perfectly. I'm glad they're a bit on the darker side. They match well with the black Polycoat finish, and aren't too red.

The EAA Witness Elite Stock III is beautiful. I'm really impressed with it. I had 4 extra magazines for it delivered Saturday from Greg Cote. Then I found CDNN had the exact same Mec-Gar 17 round OEM magazines for only $14.99 each. So I ordered 5 more. They should be here today. I've got a few projects going on around the house this week. So I most likely won't be able to get to the range with them until later this week, or next. 2 nice all steel and wood 9 MM's. Christmas came a few weeks early this year.





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