A Couple Of Good Inexpensive Flashlights

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by billt, Feb 6, 2018.

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    I picked these up the other day at Harbor Freight, and have since purchased several more. They are all machined Aluminum and are very bright. The smaller unit comes with batteries, the larger multi LED unit does not, (It takes 4 AA's).

    They both have a nice press on / press off switch. The larger one has both a low and a high power setting. On low power a small center rectangle of LED's are illuminated. On high they all are. The smaller unit is the same as the one's you see advertised all the time on TV. It has one large LED, and a push / pull adjustment that allows for a pinpoint beam, or else a much larger spread of the light.

    These things are really nice and well made for the money. I'm going to keep one of each around the house, and in both vehicles. You can't have enough flashlights. And with some of these LED's costing well over $50.00 each, these are a nice alternative. Just be sure if you buy them get a 20% off coupon. Harbor Freight has them all the time.

    588 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

    7 in. 109 LED 4 AA Flashlight


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    I bought some of the 3 AAA battery small flashlights from sam's club & costco
    years ago, one day I dropped one while it was turned on & whatever they were calling the 'bulb' went out. I went back to my old 2 AA mag lights, I have a bunch of new bulbs laying around here someplace too
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    I've had great luck with the Costco 3 packs for ~$20.

    My favorite light is a Fenix P35d Tac. Not cheap but not too bad at ~$70
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    I've heard fantastic things about Fenix flashlights. The SureFire and StreamLight lights I have are going strong and I don't need any additional, but Fenix is on the top of my list when I do.

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