I have large quantities of 55gr FMJ-BT (M193) bullets for sale. I regularly sell them on NWFA where I am a sponsored vendor.

I have bullets, made in the USA .224" 55gr FMJ-BT drawn copper jacket, non magnetic.

These bullets are brand new, made in california (help me convince the manufacturer to move to the PNW).

Please PM/Call/Email for bulk pricing.

To answer some of the questions on a previous thread I had going here...

  • 30cal is not ready to go yet (end of the year)
  • 55gr is the weight everyone wants, yes we can make heavier, if you want to order some (minimum 250K) call/email
  • FMJ is the only bullet we're making at the moment, 55gr HP-BT should be coming by fall.

Bulk Pricing list:


$95 per thousand (min order 1000) Shipped
$91 per K min order 8.5K (1 flat rate box) Shipped
$88 per K min order 15K (2 flat rate boxes) Shipped
$80 per K min order 100K, Shipped (LTL ground)
$75 per K min order 250K, Shipped (LTL ground)

Payment info:

So apparently my bank (who shall remain nameless) got a little nervous that I sell bullets, ammo etc. That has scuttled my merchant account for the moment.

I still take all forms of check (personal, business), money orders, and for larger purchases I also take wire transfer, and we have a dedicated person who coordinates all of our shipping.

I ship all orders as soon as your payment arrives (usually same day).

By the way, About us:

Hello All,

Ammunition Manufacturing Products is a small (just me for now) company with offices in Southern California and Monroe Washington. At present I only have some temporary spaces that I work out of as I am doing a lot of consulting work, helping other small companies set up ammunition production equipment. Sometimes using my gear, and sometimes using others.

I specialize in:

Setup/Teardown/Refurb of Ammoload, Camdex, Dillon, Hornady and RCBS reloading equipment.
Waterbury Farrel Hi-Pro Cold heading, with an emphasis on setup, die and punch design.
Waterbury Farrel 05/10/15/20 series transfer presses, including tool design.

At present, the company is mostly just me, and occasionally my wife. If you have questions feel free to call or e-mail.

Office: 360 474 7909

Thanks for looking!

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