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“Assault” Rifles

Some people when they see it comment they did not think about it that way.
They are the ones who have had their intelligence hijacked by the Criminal Left Media. They are the ones who know "less than nothing" about what they speak. To know "less than nothing" you have to blindly believe the lies, rumors, theories and propaganda spewed-forth by the Left about whatever it is they want you to believe and to propagate for them.

You'd have to be a genuinely brain-damaged glans penis to put faith into computer models as to what the worldwide climate will be in a hundred years. "Climate Change" has everything in it to forcibly convince people to believe that the Earth will be uninhabitable within our lifetimes. The way Americans live is going to plunge the entire world into an uncontrollable conflagration. The only way to avoid that worldwide catastrophe is for Americans to discard their Declaration of Independence, their Constitution and their Bill of Rights. It is these fundamentals of Liberty that have taken us from a pipsqueak nation on the edge of nowhere to the most powerful and wealthiest nation the world has ever seen.

The Individual Liberty of every American threatens those who derive their power by virtue of the subjugation of the common man. In order to reduce that threat, the nation that creates wealth among the common man has to be diminished or even eliminated. One of the ways to do that is to erase that nation's borders. Do we not see that effort on our TVs every night? Another way is to tax to near-poverty the producers in that society in favor of those who do not produce. A third way is to create disharmony between the races. The Criminal Left has many more, I'm sure. It just amazes me that so many in this country hold a rancorous dislike or even a seething hatred for a nation that has given them so much in exchange for so little.


I have seen very few AR's in .22 caliber. Maybe it is just where I frequent. Most I have seen are 5.56 and one is a 6.5 grendel. Mine is an older AR10A
Pic is on the screen saver for my computer. Some people when they see it comment they did not think about it that way.

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My English teacher told me that the word Assault is a Verb. Maybe our news media and politicians need to go back to school!!!


Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Dixie Center
1835 S Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT 84790, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Pima County Fair
11300 S Houghton Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747, USA



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