1. Gunslinger808

    Winchester 62 grain OT 5.56

    750 rounds FTF in around Florence area, will not ship.
  2. C

    I have a Model 94 Winchester 38-55, 26 inch half round barrel

    I need to rebarrel this rifle and have a full octagon replacement barrel. I need to know where I can find a gunsmith to do the rebarrel job! The firearm is 1899 vintage and is not a collector item as somebody has buffed it a tad too much. I bought it as a shooter and want to use it as such...
  3. W

    SAVAGE AXIS XP 243 Winchester Timber Camo ... NIB with Weaver Scope

    Selling my SAVAGE AXIS XP 243 Winchester in True Timber Strata Camo finish with Weaver 3-9 scope .. URL for the SAVAGE site and it comes with a package of .243 A-Zoom Snap Caps.. New in Box unfired .... Asking $249 and OPEN TO OFFERS.... NOT a Dealer .. Here is the url on the rifle...
  4. Jager

    .270 Once Fired Brass - Winchester, Remington, Federal.

    About 180 cases - I'm not counting them - may be more - in boxes and bagged. Polished, been sitting in a box in the reload room so they're not surgical shiny, but clean. I know they're once fired because I fired them. An hour in the tumbler and they'll be beautiful. It's about half and half...
  5. F

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle
  6. R

    7.62x51mm .308 ammo for sale 100+ rounds Winchester 147 grain

    I have 109 rounds of Winchester 147 grain 7.62x51mm (.308) ammo in the boxes for sale in North Phoenix for $75.
  7. R

    Winchester model 88 308

    Am selling a winchester model 88 308 very good Condition am asking for $1000
  8. W

    Winchester 94 30-30 1941 .. need gunsmith recommendation

    I have just purchased a Winchester 94 30-30 made in 1941. I am looking for a recommendation of a dealer/gunsmith who will go over the rifle to check it out for me and give it a good cleaning/lubing/etc.. Any recommendations near Phoenix AZ/Southeast area near Chandler ? Regards, Walt
  9. F

    Winchester wild cat

    Has anyone here purchased the new Winchester wildcat rimfire rifle and if so how do you like it.
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