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The Used is an American rock band from Orem, Utah, that formed in 2001. The group consists of vocalist Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, drummer Dan Whitesides, and guitarist Joey Bradford.
The group signed to Reprise Records and rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their self-titled debut album. They followed up with their second album, In Love and Death, in September 2004 and their third album, Lies for the Liars, in May 2007. Shallow Believer, an EP that featured most of the band's B-sides, was released in February 2008. Their fourth studio album, Artwork, was released in August 2009. A fifth album, Vulnerable, was released in March 2012 through the independent label Hopeless Records. In 2013 they released another EP: The Ocean of the Sky. Their sixth album, Imaginary Enemy, released in April 2014. Their seventh studio album, The Canyon, was released October 27, 2017. Their eighth studio album, Heartwork, was released on April 24, 2020.They have enjoyed much success with their albums achieving gold and platinum statuses in many countries worldwide.

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    Howa 308 out to 600 yards used 6 4064 178 grs amax a & 1 180 sp game king

    hitting about were i want it in the last shots was to the right about 3 clicks
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    Sniper like shooting Howa 308 🐂 barrel hits plat 3 times knocks it downs 575 yards new 748 powder used

    wow that was something didnt think i was hitting dead center mostly ...more
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    Ar-15 Alex pro should of used the REDOT 150 yards scope way to high for 500

    yeah that was ugly seems like i was to the right a few clicks to much also
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    swiss k11 308 sporter 499 siteing in used scope i put on fr😡ustrating to see the hits💥

    well looks like i am close i say 2 to 3 clicks to the left should do it next time
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