1. badbob85037

    National  Cheats, Brain Rot, and Tyrants

    That is what you call someone who has taken an oath to honor and rule by the Constitution and has broken his word every time he has taken it for over 45 years. talking down to the document.I don't need to go into detales because if there is one group that knows the real facts on gun contril it's...
  2. badbob85037

    How Much Longer Will We Allow Their Abuse

    There are some democrats in Arizona that are trying to force an assault weapons ban. An assault weapon to them is any gun they don't like. We are to protest? It's gone a lot farther than protest. I don't know what others think about this crap but I will never give up my Liberty Teeth. Crime for...
  3. badbob85037

    Arizona  Write your Congressman Even if He is Worthless

    Just watched a youtube video of my Rep. telling everyone it's time that congress protect the people of this country from evil guns. Does anyone know where in the Constitution Congress has the duty to protect us? MEChA Boy is Raul Grijalva, AZ District 3. MEChA is a group that took a book of...
  4. badbob85037

    How Much Longer

    Let's talk politics. Arizona Rep for District 3, co-chairman of the American Socialist Party, and a member of MEChA for the violent take over of the Western and South Western United States. The only piece of dog lawn decor to ever boycott his own state. A typical Leftist for open borders, animal...
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