Trijicon, Inc. (pronounced Trîj-î-(kòn)) is an American manufacturing company based in Wixom, Michigan that designs and distributes sighting devices for firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns. Trijicon specializes in self-luminous optics and night sights, mainly using the low-energy tritium illumination, light-gathering fiber optics and battery-powered LED.Additionally, Trijicon is a contractor for the United States military and supplies the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) and RX01 reflex sights. The ACOG, Reflex, TriPower, AccuPoint and Night Sights are available to military, law enforcement and civilian markets.The company's name "Trijicon" comes from combining "tritium", a radioisotope of hydrogen that is the key element utilised in the company's reticle illumination technology, and "icon", meaning picture or image; the consonant "j" was added to help syllabically blend the two words into one portmanteau word. Additionally, the "iji" in Trijicon mimics the "three-dot" design of the Bright & Tough™ Night Sights that was being manufactured when the company was renamed in 1985.

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    Can the 2MOA Trijicon MRO (Non-HD) be used with the Trijicon 3x Magnifier?

    Trijicon 3x Magnifier w/ Adjustable Height QD Flip to Side Mount. Curious if someone has tried this. I have several standard MRO's and would like some magnification.
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