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The IWI X95 (formerly known as the Micro-Tavor, MTAR or MTAR-21) is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle designed and produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) as part of the Tavor rifle family, along with the TAR-21 and the Tavor 7. IWI US offers the rifle in semi-automatic only configuration as the 'Tavor X95'.
In November 2009, the X95 was selected as the future standard issue weapon of the Israeli infantry.In September 2021, it was reported that Israeli front-line infantry units have begun replacing their Tavor and Micro Tavor Rifles with M4s and that the Micro Tavor Rifles in existing inventory will be transitioned to reserve brigades. On 7 September, a report was published on the IDF's Hebrew website that the IDF plans to continue acquiring the Micro Tavor and equipping combat units with it.

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