1. D

    FS: Palmetto State Armory CZ Scorpion PSA AK-V mags

    Here are seven (7 total) 35-round PSA magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO or PSA AK-V 9mm rifles or pistols. Four in translucent smoke; three are opaque black. Yes, all have stainless steel feed lips. Only two of the black ones have been used, which means all of the smoke and one of the black are...
  2. J

    PSA 30rd AR mags 5 @ $12 each

    Not used but have been loaded once. $60 for all.
  3. D

    WTB: Casually looking for an AKM pattern rifle.. M70 ZPAP? PSA GF4, AK-103, that AK-E series one?

    So I'm moving states in a few months into a real small area and was hoping to be able to find something like one of these rifles beforehand. I am open to other suggestions on rifles, and I check every day even though I'm RESPONSIBLY a month or so from a purchase. Things I am looking for (no...
  4. Jager

    PSA AK47 Stock Kit

    PSA AK47 Stock Kit - Black Buttstock, pistol grip, forend upper and lower. For stamped or milled? I don't know. It's new. In original box. Don't even know how I ended up with this. CRS. Pick up at Signal Butte and 60. Thanks for looking.
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