"No Charge" is a country music song, written by songwriter Harlan Howard. It was first recorded by country singer Melba Montgomery, whose 1974 version was a #1 country hit in both the US and Canada, as well as making #39 on the US pop charts. In the UK, the song is associated with J.J. Barrie, whose 1976 version was a #1 UK hit.

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  1. badbob85037

    Need Help With the Fun Gun - Cobray M-11

    Back about 94 I bought me a fun gun, a Cobray M-11. I have repaired it many of time and I will buy a replacement barrel and until I do I'll use the 10" barrel I have had for a few years. You own one of these and when you see parts at the gun show you buy them. What I want to know is why it...
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