1. C

    Hello Everyone, hope you're all good?

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I'm happy to be part of your community. I'm sure, that i will find a lot of interesting information here. I also have something to share.
  2. B

    Greetings. New to SWF Forum

    Hi all, I'm new here and currently part of in Northwest Firearms My interests are reloading, long range shooting, rifle restoration, and I love my Sigs & Springfields. I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from many of you and hopefully lending a hand to some along the way.
  3. B

    New member from Tucson

    Hey to all!! Just joined and looking to meet like minded folks in the southwest.
  4. R

    New member from Paulden, Arizona.

  5. M

    New member from NW firearms now in St George...

    Hello folks, love the weather, but when is it going to warm up? :)
  6. N

    New Member from NW Firearms in New Mexico

    Hi all, New guy in Albuquerque in from Oregon. I'm a medical student who fell in love with the southwest and matched to residency here. I've previously been active on Northwest firearms so I was stoked to see that this exists! I look forward to continuing my WWI firearm collection here with y'all.
  7. madeintheshade

    New member in Tucson

    New to the group from Tucson Looking to learn about and get into shotguns and rifles. Too many handguns, not enough hands. Wu Tang Financial - Nowadays we all know cash rules everything around us, you need to diversify your bonds, protect your neck.
  8. H

    New member from NW Firearms group

    A new member coming from the NW Firearms group. Moved back to AZ after 25 years in Oregon. Quite frankly, very tired of the weather and even more so, the politics. Got a place just outside Eloy. Loving the weather and the more conservative outlook. Henry
  9. 1

    New Member from the Ozarks

    Hello! Heard about this forum from the Northwest Forum.
  10. B

    New Member from North Phoenix / Scottsdale

    Hi Folks, I've been in AZ for about 12 years and have enjoyed marksmanship and shooting since I was a kid (anyone else get the NRA pro marksman award as a kid in Boy Scouts?) Looking forward to connecting with likeminded folks here in AZ.
  11. NotteFuria

    New member from Thornton Colorado

    Hello from snowy, cold Colorado (at least today)! Joined this forum in hopes to discuss CCW and general laws like posted signs prohibiting firearms, but I will get into that in another forum. For now, a little introduction on me. I am 42, live in Thornton and just went through the time and...
  12. RetiredArmy

    Happy to be a member here

    Hi all I am happy to be a new member here and hope to contribute to the site. Me Well right now live in Silver City New Mexico (but trying like hell to sell the place and move to Overgaard AZ! so if any of you know a liberal looking to live among their own and needs a big house send them my...
  13. Havasutom

    Hello from Lake Havasu

    Just a 62 year old 55 year gun collector and shooter. A third generation copper state native. Past occupation as a police officer and a master electrician. I have belonged to our local shooting range for over thirty years. Of course a NRA member. Recently confined to a wheelchair due to a loss...
  14. BOS2APHX

    Just moved from MA

    I just moved from south of Boston to the Scottsdale area. I am a NRA instructor for rifle and pistol and I am also an RSO. I am a certified Glock Armorer. I sold most of my guns before I moved so I am working on rebuilding my collection. My EDC is a Glock 19 MOS with an RMR, Streamlight TLR1s...
  15. KingKalifor

    CA Member

    Heard about you guys from Calguns and want to see what this forum has to offer. Glad to share my insight as well.