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new member

  1. RetiredArmy

    Happy to be a member here

    Hi all I am happy to be a new member here and hope to contribute to the site. Me Well right now live in Silver City New Mexico (but trying like hell to sell the place and move to Overgaard AZ! so if any of you know a liberal looking to live among their own and needs a big house send them my...
  2. Havasutom

    Hello from Lake Havasu

    Just a 62 year old 55 year gun collector and shooter. A third generation copper state native. Past occupation as a police officer and a master electrician. I have belonged to our local shooting range for over thirty years. Of course a NRA member. Recently confined to a wheelchair due to a loss...

    Just moved from MA

    I just moved from south of Boston to the Scottsdale area. I am a NRA instructor for rifle and pistol and I am also an RSO. I am a certified Glock Armorer. I sold most of my guns before I moved so I am working on rebuilding my collection. My EDC is a Glock 19 MOS with an RMR, Streamlight TLR1s...
  4. KingKalifor

    CA Member

    Heard about you guys from Calguns and want to see what this forum has to offer. Glad to share my insight as well.