A mesa is an isolated, flat-topped elevation, ridge or hill, which is bounded from all sides by steep escarpments and stands distinctly above a surrounding plain. Mesas characteristically consist of flat-lying soft sedimentary rocks capped by a more resistant layer or layers of harder rock, e.g. shales overlain by sandstones. The resistant layer acts as a caprock that forms the flat summit of a mesa. The caprock can consist of either sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and limestone; dissected lava flows; or a deeply eroded duricrust. Unlike plateau, whose usage does not imply horizontal layers of bedrock, e.g. Tibetan Plateau, the term mesa applies exclusively to the landforms built of flat-lying strata. Instead, flat-topped plateaus are specifically known as tablelands.

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  1. Matyoka

    Howdy from East Mesa, AZ

    Morning folks, Last night I joined the sister forum, NWF, after a buddy of mine from GlockTalk alerted me of a Gen 3 19 with TB being sold there. Soon after the remarks of welcome started pouring in, I was told about this Forum as well which is somewhat more appropriate to my location. Well...
  2. kmj831

    Hello from Mesa!

    Hey folks! New to the forum. From Montana, living in AZ since 06. Haven't hunted since HS in the late 90s, oldest son turns 11 in September and I don't want my boys to miss out on the great times I had hunting as a kid. I miss it too. So, time to start shooting again myself and get my kids...
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