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  1. Donman

    Selling FN-P magazines, AR15 parts, AK47 Grips, Hogue Mini 14 stock, Magpul 1911 Grips!!

    AR15 parts, AK47 grips, Walther P38 grips, FNP 9mm Pistol 10-Round Mags for sale!! ALL PRICES INCLUDED SHIPPING COSTS!!!! 1. New Phoenix Technology AK47 black Polymer Grips $15.00 each 2. New AR15 M16 military grips black A2 style: $5.00 3. New AR15 AB Arms Mod1 Carbine length two piece hand...
  2. nvshooter

    What in hailshinki are "AW" magazines?

    My next rifle build is going to be a mildcat affair in a chassis. The action at this early date looks to be a Zermatt Arms TL3 which is offered in a left-bolt, right-ejection configuration. The underside of the action can be cut for AICS magazines, and the mysterious "AW" magazine. I looked...
  3. coltonalxndr

    M&P Shield magazines

    For Sale: 10 Brand new M&P Shield 8 round magazines $200
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