1. Ledfarmer

    Kimber 82 G front and rear sights

    I'm looking for both front and rear peep sights for the Kimber 82 g. If anyone has seen a set for sale let me know. Thanks.
  2. T

    WTS 1911 grips for Kimber Super Carry

    kimber Super carry / S&W round butt profile VZ grips in zebra ( black & white). $35
  3. 1971Chevelle

    Kimber Ultra Carry 1911...

    I have my Sig Sauer P365 up for trade. Someone is interested and they have a Kimber Ultra Carry II 1911 (3"). This is the model that has a stainless slide, and an aluminum frame. Does anyone have any experience with one of these?? Is the aluminum frame going to be an issue?? I would prefer...
  4. W

    Kimber Custom II 45 1911

    Letting go of My Kimber Custom II. They Re out of stock for the most part great 1911 45. Very few rounds through her upgrades grips and mag extenders. Has spare grips and two mags. Some holster wear. Was my daily ccw gun. Text 480five285669
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