1. PTzLegend

    Custom Built AR-15

    Custom built Ar-15 Anderson lower /18" Daytona tactical upper PSA full auto nickel boron bcg BCM forward grip/ keymod covers, picatinny add-ons Magpul iron sights MFT Minimalist stock Only 500 rounds through, never jammed Cleaned thoroughly after each use. Bag, 3 extra mags, and 2 point sling +$100
  2. R

    AR Keymod Handguard 15" Black - $80

    Hi Everyone, Time to clean out the parts left over from my previous AR builds. I didnt use them since I decided to go a different direction for my builds. 15" Keymod Handguards, Matte Black. I have these on a few of my builds and I really like them. They feel very solid and shoot well. Price...
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