Reindeer hunting in Greenland is of great importance to the Kalaallit (Greenland Inuit) and sporting hunters, both residents and tourists. Reindeer (caribou) are an important source of meat, and harvesting them has always played an important role in the history, culture, and traditions of the Greenland Inuit. Controlled hunting is important for the welfare of reindeer, the quality of life for Inuit, and the preservation of tundra grazing areas. Therefore, scientific research is regularly performed to determine the quotas needed to maintain a proper ecological balance.

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    Weather during deer season in Nevada

    Does anyone know how the weather is during deer season for the Ely, Elko, Mr Charleston and the sourcing areas for this part of the valley for deer season. I’m just now getting back into the sport and starting from scratch and need to know what type of clothing I should start buying? example...
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