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The Calgary Inferno (previously known as Team Alberta, nickname "Honeybadgers", during the 2011–12 season) was a women's ice hockey team that joined the Canadian Women's Hockey League for the 2011–12 season. The team played its home games at Joan Snyder (Arena B) at WinSport Canada in Calgary, Alberta. After two seasons without an official name, in 2013 the team picked a moniker drawing from Calgary's National Hockey League franchise, the Calgary Flames, with whom they had a partnership. For the 2013-14 it was announced that all Inferno home-games will be streamed live by 2019, the CWHL ceased operations, as well as all teams that it directly operated including the Inferno.

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  1. PDub

    It's clearly an addiction at this point......

    Well, bought another spikes lower, Honeybadger this time, in order to make a rifle for my wife. Sure, for my wife...... It will be kinda "blingy" for my taste, but hey, its an AR. Should have finish pics to post sometime around the 7th or so assuming honest shipping estimates for the parts...
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