1. J

    Surplus slings, pouches, holsters, grips, and more

    [WTS] surplus slings, pouches, grips, holsters, and more! Free shipping [NV] Free shipping on all orders -Slings: Romanian AK Brown Leather Sling good condition- $20, 15 In stock Ak47 Romanian green web sling- $17, 15 in stock Romanian AK Grey Leather Parade Sling $20, 1 in stock...
  2. RedX Gear

    RedX Gear Custom Holsters

    Do you have a unique pistol setup that makes finding a holster a difficult challenge? Check us out at www.redxgear.com or call 844.446.7776. We specialize in "hard to find" holster builds and our quality speaks for itself. We are the preferred holster manufacturer for SAR USA. Holsters starting...
  3. Jager

    1911 Commander and Glock 26/27 Holsters - Magazine carriers

    Various holsters and magazine carriers. $30 - Galco double stack magazine carrier up to 1.75" belt $30 - Galco single stack magazine carrier up to 1.75" belt $30 - Dillon double stack magazine carrier (black) up to 1.5" belt $75 - High Noon Slide Guard - 1911 Commander (A) The Slide Guard...
  4. S

    Holster Recommendations for Running

    I live in a small town in southern AZ where i'm more likely to run into wildlife than a person with ill-intent when running. I want to carry when i run for both reasons though and am looking for suggestions on what works best. The culture here is used to seeing open carry so concealing is not...
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