1. Wess13

    Beretta 1951 & Helwan Locking Block's

    Up for sale Newly manufactured locking blocks for the Beretta 1951 & Helwan. Price : 99 USD for 1 165 USD for 2 All price include shipping with track & trace from The Netherlands For more info : Wess-zakelijk@hotmail.com
  2. Wess13

    Beretta 1951 & Helwan - The problems are fixed!

    Good day Fellow gun owners, I'm Wess and I'm a gun parts designer from The Netherlands ( You know ...Amsterdam ) and I specialize in hard to find.. basically unicorn parts. My first successful project is the locking block for the Beretta 1951 & Helwan line of pistols. It has taken me 2 years to...
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