heavy barrel

Heavy Barrel (ヘビー・バレル, Hebī Bareru) is a 1987 overhead run and gun arcade game by Data East.

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  1. Jager

    Bushmaster Mid-Length Upper -16” Chrome Lined 1/9 Heavy Barrel

    Bushmaster Mid-Length Upper - Complete, 16” Chrome Lined 1/9 Heavy Barrel with BCG and CH. No trades. No low-ball offers. No shipping. FTF only. No taxes. Delivery not included. Magpul MOE mid-length hand guard (gray). Have the original quad rail if you want it. Bought new, zeroed with...
  2. T

    Remington 700 SPS 243 26" HB

    I have a remington 700 SPS camo chambered in .243 that I would like to sell. Has factory scope. Has 10 rounds through barrel. I intended to use this for prairie dogs but never had the chance. $650
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