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A gun safe is a safe designed for storing one or more firearms and/or ammunitions. Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access by unauthorized or unqualified persons for burglary protection and, in more capable safes, to protect the contents from damage by flood, fire, or other natural disasters. Access prevention is required by law in many places, necessitating a gun lock, metal gun cabinet, or gun safe. Gun safes have largely replaced the gun cabinets made of fine stained wood with etched glass fronts used for display that were commonly used decades ago, although some gun safes are made to resemble such gun cabinets.

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  1. gnsank7090

    Common Locking Mechanisms for Vehicle Gun Safes.

    Mechanical Combination Locks Vehicle weapon safe which uses a mechanical blend lock is an incredible method to verify your gun inside your vehicle. Such bolts are solid and durable, and breaking them will take a great deal of time. What's more, as far as speculating the correct blend, a...
  2. gnsank7090

    Home Defense: Pistols vs. Shotguns vs. Rifles

    In case you're a firearm proprietor, there will come when you'll hear somebody guide you to "simply get yourself a shotgun for home safeguard." The truth of the matter is, however, that guns and rifles can be convenient to have in a home-resistance circumstance, the same amount of as shotgun may...
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