gun safes

  1. 1971Chevelle

    Sturdy Safe 3627-6 Gun Safe

    One Sturdy Safe model 3627-6 gun safe. This ain't no pretty boy safe that you buy at a chain sporting goods store. This is a 100% American made beast of a safe - it weighs around 1,300 pounds. It is 72" high x 36" wide x 27" deep. It had the fire liner protection added, so it was over...
  2. Jacob

    I want to buy a good safe

    Want to buy a good safe for ammo/gun or personal belongings.
  3. gnsank7090

    Common Locking Mechanisms for Vehicle Gun Safes.

    Mechanical Combination Locks Vehicle weapon safe which uses a mechanical blend lock is an incredible method to verify your gun inside your vehicle. Such bolts are solid and durable, and breaking them will take a great deal of time. What's more, as far as speculating the correct blend, a...
  4. gnsank7090

    Home Defense: Pistols vs. Shotguns vs. Rifles

    In case you're a firearm proprietor, there will come when you'll hear somebody guide you to "simply get yourself a shotgun for home safeguard." The truth of the matter is, however, that guns and rifles can be convenient to have in a home-resistance circumstance, the same amount of as shotgun may...
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