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The EMD G22 Locomotive Series made their debut in 1967 after the rise in popularity of the export EMD G12. Designed to meet most First World, Second World and Third World countries, the G22 Series were now equipped with a naturally aspirated EMD 645 Series engine as well as four axle Flexicoil Type-B trucks which carry a low per-axle weight. Based on customer input, the G22 Series would be defined by various designations that suit the customer's railway operations.
The standard suffixes applied after the G22 designation were if the customer purchased locomotives with specific traction motors to fit Narrow Gauge (U) or Broad Gauge (W) rails. As the years progressed, the customers began to have more options available for their locomotives such as EMD Dash 2 Electronics, Alternators instead of Generators, A-1-A running gear and/or steam generators, etc.
The G22 designation can freely apply to the designs of any EMD export model or a licensee of EMD as long as the electrical and mechanical gear were left unaltered.

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