desert eagle

  1. J

    Magnum R. Desert Eagle 50 AE

    This is the new stainless steel frame version that has the integral muzzle brake…a great feature to help tame the awesome power of the big .50 round. For more details visit our website Firearms Action Sales | Where to buy firearms online | Handguns or Text 904-441-3209
  2. 1971Chevelle

    1911 Magazine Issue...

    I took my Desert Eagle 1911 to the range this morning. On the third or fourth magazine insertion, the slide stopped and would not move forward. When I looked into the breach, the first round went straight into the feed ramp and stopped. I could not eject the magazine until I used a...
  3. Joe Link

    So.....I bought a Desert Eagle

    My buddy has had his heart set on getting a Desert Eagle for a while now. He's just getting back in the gun game so for a while we thought he was joking, turns out he's not. A few buddies and I BS via group text about guns on a daily basis, enabling each others unhealthy addiction. Shortly after...
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