custom rifle

  1. FPFirearms

    Custom 6.5 PRC READY TO SHIP!!

    READY TO SHIP!! For sale is a custom 6.5 PRC built by Freeman Precision Firearms in Santaquin, Utah. Rifle features include: TL Tech action Proof Research barrel 24" 1-8 twist AG Composites carbon fiber stock Trigger Tech Special 3 port muzzle brake M5 bottom metal Price listed includes...
  2. The_Architekt

    Guntec Trump Gold AR

    This was a custom build I did with a pre-release and still limited edition set of gold Trump edition parts from Guntec. All parts, aside from lower are from Guntec, the lower is a Palmetto "Approval-15" PSA AR-15 "Approval-15" - Stripped Lower Receiver . Although this is more of a "flashy" or...
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