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R.F.C. Tournai is a Belgian association football club from the city of Tournai, Hainaut. It is the result of the merger between R. Union Sportive Tournaisienne (matricule n°26) and R.R.C. Tournaisien (n°36) in 2002. The club wears the matricule n°26 and plays in the Third Amateur Division.

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  1. asparagustasty

    Looking for shooting buddies in Phoenix Metro Area, particularly folks with interest in milsurps and also enjoy Ben Avery Shooting Facility

    Heyo, I've been in the Phoenix Metro Area for a while now (3+ years) and an avid collector of milsurps and some more C&R guns. Currently looking to expand the 2A friend group I have. If you're interested in going to the range around the area (particular Ben Avery Shooting Facility), don't be...
  2. F

    Experience with Curio and Relic license

    Recently I have been getting into into old military surplus rifles more and more, and have been considering getting and C&R license to make things easier. Anybody here have one? If so what was the process like? Are you glad you got it? Any kind of info or advice is appreciated.
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