concealed carry

  1. S

    Kahr CW9

    I’m selling my Kahr CW9, only shot about 500 rounds through it, still looks brand new. Great CCW/pocket gun. The gun comes with four 7 round mags, a crimson trace LG-437 red laser installed, a kinetic concealment hybrid holster (made for CT), a sticky holster (also made for CT), and the original...
  2. Joe Link

    Which guns do you carry regularly?

    Curious to hear which guns people carry regularly. I've recently found myself leaving my 1911's in the safe in favor of my Glock 19 (crazy, right??). Generally prefer a OWB slide holster. For warm weather when others are difficult to conceal it's usually a Kahr PM9 or Ruger LCP IWB.