1. 11Charlie

    Arizona concealed carry permit

    OK guys school me please. To obtain a AZ concealed carry permit what do I need to do? I know I have to fill out the application and submit finger prints but do I need to take a class? What is the easiest way to go about all this? Does it help that I have my Washington permit?
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    Jul-Aug PFC Training Courses - Folding Knife, Handgun, Concealed Carry, Carbine, Medical and Shotgun!

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  3. 1971Chevelle

    Hawaiian Shirts For Concealed Carry...

    I had a couple of Hawaiian shirts for concealed carry, but one of them got a small hole in it (from a pistol). So, off to eBay I went in search of some more. I ended up purchasing 7 - 6 of which have already arrived. Two of them were new with tags, two of them didn't look like they had ever...
  4. J

    Southwest  Comment to Support President Trump's Proposal to Allow Carry on ACOE Lands

    Please take a minute to click on the link below and comment in support of the President's proposed change to Army Corps of Engineer Regulations barring carry on ACOE properties. https://gunowners.org/na04232020/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NA Resend of Army Corps of Engineers...
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    Progressive Handgun Series

    June 1 - 5, PFC's Pioneer Annex Range Complex located on the NV side of Sandy Valley, NV Progressive Handgun 1 – 5 Series This five day “Package” includes Progressive Handgun 1 through Progressive Handgun 5, inclusive. Please refer to the individual course links below for detailed...
  6. Joe Link

    Which guns do you carry regularly?

    Curious to hear which guns people carry regularly. I've recently found myself leaving my 1911's in the safe in favor of my Glock 19 (crazy, right??). Generally prefer a OWB slide holster. For warm weather when others are difficult to conceal it's usually a Kahr PM9 or Ruger LCP IWB.