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The Colt Single Action Army (also known as the SAA, Model P, Peacemaker, or M1873) is a single-action revolver handgun. It was designed in 1872 for the U.S. government service revolver trials of 1872 by Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company (today known as Colt's Manufacturing Company) and was adopted as the standard-issued pistol of the US Army in 1873 until 1892.
The Colt SAA has been offered in over 30 different calibers and various barrel lengths. Its overall appearance has remained consistent since 1873. Colt has cancelled its production twice, but brought it back due to popular demand. The revolver was dubbed as "Colt Peacemaker" and is a famous piece of Americana, as it was popular with ranchers, lawmen, and outlaws alike since its creation and due to its association with the American Wild West era. Today, they are mainly bought as memorabilia by collectors and re-enactors. Its design has influenced the production of numerous other models from other companies.
The original length of the barrel, issued to the U.S. Cavalry, was 7+1⁄2 inches (19 cm), with an overall length of 13 inches (33 cm).

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