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On August 18, 2006, Dwayne Buckle, an African-American independent filmmaker, and a group of seven young black lesbian friends from Newark, New Jersey, got into a physical conflict outside of the IFC Center movie theater in Greenwich Village, in Manhattan, New York City. During the altercation, Buckle was cut; he required five days of hospitalization. The women claimed that they were acting in self-defense, while Buckle claims the women initiated the attack motivated to commit "a hate crime against a straight man".The case sparked sensational media attention. Four members of the group of seven women were subsequently tried and convicted. Three of the convictions were overturned on appeal; of those three, two were ordered new trials, and both were convicted again. The one whose case was dismissed had spent two years in prison.

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    Burls - Belt Buckle Knife & Belt Combo

    Belt Buckle Knife - (Manufactured By Burls) This leather belt & concealed knife combo was designed with self-defense in mind. Manufactured by experienced craftsman using only the highest quality materials! Concealed dagger knife buckle / bottle opener with choice of belt color (Black/Brown) and...
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