1. JonathanB

    Bcm upper for sale

    Selling a bcm upper. Bcm light weight 14.5 inch barrel with permanent pinned vg6 epsilon break to make it 16inches legal length. Bcm 10.5inch mlok rail Bcm gas tube & block bcm charging handle no bcg
  2. D

    Custom built bcm 14.5 only 1,700 rounds

    Custom built bcm 14.5 Round count :1,700 Age: almost 3 months Upper: Bcm 14.5 enhanced light weight barrel 13” m lok rails Bcm bcg Bcm large ambi grip Surefire Warcomp Noveske buis Lower: Noveske lower Geissele SD-E trigger Magpul grip (or bcm mod 3) Sopmod B5 stock Email me at...
  3. Kemosabeee

    BCM 16” M4E1 Carbine

    ARMSLIST link: http://www.armslist.com/posts/100831...ar-15-bcm-aero Selling my favorite rifle build for $1,000 obo. BCM / Aero Precision M4E1, now $200 off. I love to build high quality work horse rifles. Around only 800 rounds through it (the electric tape you see on the rifle I used for...
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