ar15 5.56

  1. J

    New Ruger Ar15 never been fired

    Ruger Ar15 never been fired, 2 extra 30 round mags, 3 all together, and 300 rounds for $550. Call Jame 623-512-1917
  2. The_Architekt

    Guntec Trump Gold AR

    This was a custom build I did with a pre-release and still limited edition set of gold Trump edition parts from Guntec. All parts, aside from lower are from Guntec, the lower is a Palmetto "Approval-15" PSA AR-15 "Approval-15" - Stripped Lower Receiver . Although this is more of a "flashy" or...
  3. W

    Spikes Ar 15 Pistol 556 223

    Pistol Verison Fun to shoot. Letting it go for 600 CCW preferred buyer. 556 or 223 shoots both. Wife is mad and wants it gone. Text is 480five285669
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