1. Jlakes44

    Colt Government Model MKIV 70 Series 1911 .45 ACP

    Rare Find Colt Government Model MKIV 70 Series Semi Auto 1911 Pistol Chambered in .45 ACP, Excellent Condition, Serial # 32841B70 Dates it to 1980, It Comes With One Factory Magazine.
  2. 1971Chevelle

    Thompson Center .45 Caliber Black Powder Barrel

    If this ad is still up, then the item is still available. Please do not waste my time asking if it is - just tell me that you want to look at it and when you are available. And check your junkmail/spam folder. I can not count the number of times I respond to people and never hear from them...
  3. shuishe

    .45 ACP w/ 230gr FMJ - Few thousand rounds for trade

    I was going through my inventory and found a few ammo cans full of 45 acp that I had forgotten about. I don't shoot 45 much anymore and would like to make a fair trade to someone who would use it. I am interested in the following items, really just looking for fair value trades. For the sake of...
  4. G

    9mm and .45 ammo bulk cases for sale

  5. D

    RCBS .45 ACP reloading dies

    I have a set of brand new RCBS .45ACP reloading dies. Asking $50. Contact Dave 623-332-1400
  6. P

    Bill Jarvis 1911 .45 threaded barrel

    Bill Jarvis 1911 .45 threaded barrel. Real nice. It's collecting dust. $125 txt @. five O9 2O5 5sevenO0
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