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  1. 11Charlie

    Absence but not gone!

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up! @Joe Link has been working tirelessly to upgrade our sister site NWFA. Due to this I have and some of the other mods have not been on as much. Keep this sucker rolling and we will be back and more active in a week or two. I am still checking in just...
  2. 11Charlie

    “Assault” Rifles

    The word Assault rifle is STUPID!!!
  3. 11Charlie

    Other State Deputy sheriff enters IRS office to ask a question & guard pulls gun on him

    Huh didn't read and don't have time. Was there a reason?
  4. 11Charlie

    Advice hunting Elk in Utah

    I hope someone can help you but if you get help in another form let us know so we all have the knowledge.
  5. 11Charlie

    If you could have only three guns what would you choose and why

    Yes we need to do that again so I can cost you more money!!!:s0140:
  6. 11Charlie

    If you could have only three guns what would you choose and why

    Drive down I'll give you your arse woopin!!!:s0018:
  7. 11Charlie

    If you could have only three guns what would you choose and why

    I will have to put some thought into this. Great topic but dang. For my living situation I would have to go with these. Pistol (make and model can differ) in 9mm for everyday carry and home defense pistol AR for critters on the property whether it be two legged or four. (caliber would be 5.56...
  8. 11Charlie

    Which guns do you carry regularly?

    I use a Canik for my home defense pistol. Love that thing. My only complaint would be the trigger and the take up on the first shot but then again for $325 dollars I can't complain to much.
  9. 11Charlie

    SHTF scenario what do you have in your truck or car to make it home to loved one's.

    Sorry but that was funny!! Thanks for the heads up I know that I will be changing some things once we move and would like to get a head start on this process if I can.
  10. 11Charlie

    Hi I'm Steve and I just joined this forum

    Why is that thing still alive?:oops:
  11. 11Charlie

    Guns, Gear, Accessories, Etc: What did you buy today?

    Damn dude are you rich or something? ;)
  12. 11Charlie

    Site Update New Server Migration Complete

    My whiskey glass has been empty for days!!!:s0114:
  13. 11Charlie

    Bump in the night - what do you do?

    :s0140: I keep forgetting they don't know you yet!! They will get used to you LOL
  14. 11Charlie

    2000 Jeep Wrangler Turbo Diesel

    If someone was to have a jeep what would it cost to convert it to diesel? Damn that would be sweet.
  15. 11Charlie

    Colion Nior takes Senator to task

    That Iowa Sen has a screw loose!!! By force will start a civil war!
  16. 11Charlie

    How to kill a bear quickly?

    I will say this I have met him and he can be a Weiner at times:s0140:
  17. 11Charlie

    New Muzzleloader

    @wildcat455 you are in good hands with Andy. No one knows more about this sort of stuff than he does.