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I moved to Mesa in 2007 from Flagstaff and didn't really have any gun nut friends to tell me where the good gun stores were located. Being that I was here to get my engineering degree I also didn't have a lot of free time to wonder around and find a good shop. So from 2007 through 2010 I was "just browsing" the regions shops. My reason for not buying was a combination of outrageous prices, sketchy (often pawn shop) or rude employees, or selection of guns that just didn't do it for me.

Then I stumbled upon Pistol Parlour which was very close to where I live. I missed finding P.P. all these years as they are a very small shop in a location that doesn't jump out and grab your attention. There employees are nice, know what they are talking about with out coming off as know-it-alls and their selection is in line with my tastes: military style weapons. Prices are very close to the lowest prices on the net plus I feel good paying my taxes (we don't have property taxes here) and supporting people I like without ripping me off in return. My only complaints are sometimes it can get busy and crowded and their selection is good but limited to the small retail space.

So in 2011 I bought my first 1911 and two saiga rifles from Pistol Parlour. I have bought holsters and clips for my 1911 from them at lower prices than on the net (when you consider shipping and junk "warehouse fees"). Their selection of 1911s range from $400 up to about $1300. Considering the proximity to "the hood" I think that price range is good. If I wanted to slobber over a Wilson Combat I will make the drive up to Scottsdale Gun Club. I was happy to have found this shop I was looking for all these years.
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