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  • Excellent selection of guns and ammo.
  • Depending on who’s working the guys can be kinda know it all types. Not in a good way.
When I go in I usually will watch and listen to employees before I choose which one to talk to. The good employees are great to talk with. The bad apple or maybe two is easy enough to spot and avoid. Lol

I still love Murphy’s gun shop though.
  • They can get most anything made.
  • Sometimes it is busy which is good for them.
I have purchased new and used from them. I was lucky a while back and they had a Armalite AR10A with a lot of accessories that I just had to have. I decided to have them order a AeroTech for me in 10mm. Their delivered price was actually a bit less than what I had found it for elsewhere.
Knowledge of the staff is second to none.
One of my favorite toy stores when I have spending cash.