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  • Best used gun pricing I've ever seen for some firearms
  • A couple of the folks there are super nice and knowledgeable
  • Some of the younger crowd working there is elitist, rude, and finally convinced me to stop shopping there
I've purchased a total of 6 or 7 firearms from Murphy's, I think. In general, it's a normal gun shop. Some folks are nice, some ignore you, some are elitist types, but usually not too bad. They do get busy, but will eventually get around to paying attention to you. Their pricing on used guns is some of the best I have seen across 4 states. I'm very happy with all the purchases I made there.

One particular fella is a snot. Every time I've been in. Appears to have no time for anyone but himself and whatever high and lofty thing he's working on or doing at the moment, even if that high and lofty thing is just standing behind the counter doing nothing. He doesn't like explaining much of anything and seems like he'd rather just snatch your firearm out of your hand and walk away with it - without telling you what he's doing - than to answer questions or help someone learn a thing.
Last time I shopped there, I finally handed back the products I'd gathered to buy, and told another fella behind the counter that I'd be back if they ever fired that guy or trained him to stop being a jerk.

Haven't been back since, and my wallet appreciates that.:s0112: Man, they had some good prices on used guns!
  • Excellent selection of guns and ammo.
  • Depending on who’s working the guys can be kinda know it all types. Not in a good way.
When I go in I usually will watch and listen to employees before I choose which one to talk to. The good employees are great to talk with. The bad apple or maybe two is easy enough to spot and avoid. Lol

I still love Murphy’s gun shop though.
  • They can get most anything made.
  • Sometimes it is busy which is good for them.
I have purchased new and used from them. I was lucky a while back and they had a Armalite AR10A with a lot of accessories that I just had to have. I decided to have them order a AeroTech for me in 10mm. Their delivered price was actually a bit less than what I had found it for elsewhere.
Knowledge of the staff is second to none.
One of my favorite toy stores when I have spending cash.