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The range has 6 fields 3 of which are for trap shooting. The other 3 fields are combination fields for shooting either trap or skeet. Only shotguns 12 gauge and smaller are allowed and shot must be size 7.5 or smaller. Eye and ear protection are required.

Clay Target Center Safety Rules

  1. Obey range rules and Range Master commands at all times immediately.
  2. All shooters must sign in at the office before shooting.
  3. Only shotguns fired from the shoulder may be discharged on CTC fields.
  4. Only shotguns designed to use shotshells no larger than 12 gauges shooting lead shot and fired from the shoulder are permitted.
  5. Maximum lead shot size is limited to No. 7-1/2.
  6. Shotshell loads must be standard trap or skeet loads. Hi-velocity or magnum loads, incendiary or tracer ammunition are prohibited.
  7. All shooters are responsible for their firearms and safe shooting.
  8. All shooters are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe conditions.
  9. All shotguns must be unloaded with actions open. Non-break action shotguns must be carried muzzles pointed up.
  10. Shooters and observers must wear hearing and eye protection.
  11. Shooters must be sure your gun is safe and operational and only the correct ammunition is used.
  12. Shooters keep your finger off of the trigger until you are in position and ready and it is your turn to shoot.
  13. In the event of a malfunction, when a live round remains in the gun, the shooter must keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and seek assistance.
  14. Deposit all trash in containers.
  15. Respect others and their equipment.
  16. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
  17. Alcohol is prohibited at this facility. Any persons who have been consuming alcohol or are under the influence of drugs are prohibited from shooting.
  18. Guns must be unloaded and actions open at all times, until the shooter is on the proper shooting position and it is their turn to shoot.
  19. All firearms unloaded and actions must be opened immediately after shooting and before the shooter turns to leave the station.
  20. Trap shooters only load one shell at a time, unless doubles are thrown.
  21. Skeet shooters may load doubles except on station 8.
  22. Picking up empty shotshells during a round of trap or skeet is prohibited until the squad has concluded shooting and firearms are unloaded and placed in a gun rack.
  23. No one is allowed past the most forward shooting positions at any time while the field is in use.
  24. Shotguns with Damascus or twist steel barrels are prohibited.
  25. A range officer may inspect ammunition and reject its use if it does not conform to range rules.
  26. Tracking targets with an unloaded gun is prohibited, unless the shooter is on a station and ready to shoot.
  27. The retrieval of unbroken clay targets is prohibited.
  28. Food is not permitted on any fields.
  29. Wash your hands after shooting.
  30. Please follow these rules while using the range. Violators may be asked to leave.
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