Outdoor Range
The North Springs Shooting Range is a multi-million dollar shooting facility that provides long range and pistol shooting, archery targets in 3-D, Block or Excelsior Bale and law enforcement targets. The “Old West Town” hosts 15 buildings and 9 shooting bays for cowboy action shooting and public shooting. “Cowboy Town” also offers a Hospitality Center with full kitchen and 4 covered pavilions.

LONG RANGE- 1000 Yard, 600 Yard, and 100 Yard ranges. 50 covered shooting benches. Portable targets stands and Steel targets.

PISTOL - 10 bays with retrievable target frames and steel targets from 5 yards to 50 yards. ARCHERY - 70 "Rhinehart" 3-D Targets on 3 separate ranges for all skill levels. 10 block targets from 20 Yards to 100 Yards.

LAW ENFORCEMENT- 70 Turning Targets at 25, 50, and 100 Yards with "Running Man", Bobbers, Dueling Trees, Falling Plates, and "Pepper Poppers."

COWBOY ACTION TOWN- Complete "Old West Town" with 15 false front buildings and Shooting Bays, for Cowboy Action and Public shooing. Over 300 Steel Targets. Bucks Cabin, with full Kitchen and 4 covered pavilions.

TRAP- Automatic trap thrower, 5 stations. Clay pigeons available if needed.


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