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About This Resource

"Get Some" Guns & Ammo is Utah's premier gun store with three locations all with indoor pistol and rifle shooting ranges. Our Murray and Orem locations have the finest gun ranges in Utah. We offer a vast selection of firearms, ammunition and accessories. Also available are educational courses such as Concealed Carry Permit Class (CFP), 1st Shots, Basic Handgun, Women's classes and more are available each month.

Our new website features tours of the stores and shooting ranges, information on our educational shooting courses (check out our calendar of events page for updated dates and times these classes are offered,) range prices and our newest e-commerce online store featuring real-time* inventory which includes over 55,000 products.

"Get Some" Guns & Ammo was founded by Stuart Wallin and two friends in 2003. It began at a "the hole in the wall" storefront (800 sq.ft,) on Holden street in Murray. We felt Utah lacked a supplier and knowledgeable store for AR15 and other tactical style firearms. In August of 2007 "Get Some" Guns & Ammo moved to our new facility in Murray (6,800 sq.ft,) which features Salt Lake City's first indoor shooting range for high velocity handgun, rifle and shotgun shooting with up to date features. In June 2011, "Get Some" Guns & Ammo opened in Orem (12,000 sq.ft,) Utah County's finest firearms retail store and indoor pistol & rifle range.
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