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The D-Max Industries 100 is a semi automatic carbine manufactured by D-Max Industries of Auburn, Washington.[1] It could also be chambered in .45 ACP, .41AE, .40 S&W, .38 Super and 9x19mm Parabellum. The D-Max 100 existed in 2 variants, the D-Max 100C carbine and D-Max 100P pistol.

The D-Max 100 was designed by David M. Dugger, a former LE officer and firearms instructor in Washington who decided to develop a cost effective firearm intended for an LE role that was more rugged, durable, easy to field strip/maintain capable than a standard issue weapon. The pistol variant was intended for confined CQB situations whereas the carbine was intended to replace the shotgun in tactical roles when the pistol was not effective. During range tests, the D-Max 100 was rumored to be accurate and reliable with virtually no reported malfunctions.[2] The D-Max 100 was also offered to the civilian market outside LE agencies.

The D-Max Industries 100 is a semi automatic, simple blowback operated pistol calibre carbine fed from modified M3 SMG magazines inserted on the side to allow the user to fire from a low profile position without affecting the balance. The self cleaning closed firing bolt is similar to that found on the Sten/Sterling/F1 submachine guns but using the firing pin from an M1911 pistol and using a guide rod/spring to eject the rounds.[3] The semi automatic only lower receiver/fire control group uses an AK type trigger/hammer. Field stripping is done removing takedown pins held in with a safety wire. The upper receiver is a round type whereas the lower/FCG is stamped sheet. The reciprocating cocking handle is mounted on the left side.[4]

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Production history
D-Max Industries Model 100
TypeSemi automatic carbine
Place of originUnited States
DesignerDarrel Holland
David M. Dugger
ManufacturerP.G.W. Arms
D-Max Industries
VariantsD-Max 100C carbine
D-Max 100P pistol
Mass3.4kg (carbine)
2.2kg (pistol)
Barrel length406mm (carbine)
152mm (pistol)
Cartridge.45 ACP
.41 Action Express
10mm Auto
.40 S&W
.38 Super
9x19mm Parabellum
Rate of fireSemi automatic
Feed system30-round M3 magazine (.45ACP/.41AE/10mm Auto/.40 S&W/.38 Super)
32/50-round Sten/Lanchester magazine (9x19mm Parabellum)
SightsIron sights

The carbine uses a sten/sterling style round bolt and AK trigger parts. These were produced for a short 7 years, 30 years ago. These guns came with 1 single mag and the mags are even more rare. I have 2 x 30 rounders. Both mags are painted with the same rinkle coat as the reciever. The pics I have posted are online file pics and mine looks exactly the same with one exception. I have 2 mags and not 3 that are in the pics. The wood furniture is in perfect shape. No dings, scratches or gouges. I have had this gun for almost 20 years and have never put a round through it. Unaware of previous round count. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I am asking $2,300.00 OBO shipped to your FFL with a copy of my DL will be enclosed. Your FFL must accept from a private person. Contact me for shipping arrangments or more pics. Also, the serial number of the gun in the pic "IS NOT" the serial number of my gun. My gun has a serial number under 000530. Mine is an early one. I have searched on line for a few weeks and can not find another one for sale anywhere. The ones that pop up on a search are 10 years old. This truley is a very rare piece for the serious collector. As we all know, gun investments do nothing but grow as the years pass. Thanx for looking and reading everything.


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