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I have a Marlin 336 that I picked up a few years ago, I have no need for it and would like to sell it. The original owner had the barrel threaded to a .9x24. It had a thread adapter to 5:8x24. This threading knocked the front sight off, a semi skilled gunsmith could fix this in an afternoon
Included is:
Ranger point precision mlock hand guard and bullet saddle
Ranger point precision compensator
2 boxes of 30/30 ammo (I don’t have pics of those but can supply on request)
A leupold XV freedom lpvo
The original wood hand guard in excellent condition.
And the rifle ofc

Trade considerations:
Ruger GP100 7 shot .357
Sp101 .357 mag
Glock 21 gen 4 (plus cash on your end)
Any 45 cal pistol really. Worst I can say is no.

Won’t ship willing to meet anywhere in Denver/Greeley area of Colorado.


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