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Merry Christmas!
These are Russian Pre-Ban 5.45 x 39 mm spam cans with opener.

Text or call 928-310-7141 - Text preferred.
These are unopened, contain 1080 rounds I believe.

Despite being lighter in weight than its predecessor, the 5.45mm cartridge retained the same lethality as the older round. It can penetrate a 5mm steel sheet at 350 meters, not bad for a 53 grain bullet. Another feature that contributes to the lethality of the cartridge is that it becomes unstable when it strikes an object. This means that although it flies perfectly well through the air, it tumbles violently after striking a target - creating a larger wound channel when compared to a normal bullet.
Happy to deliver or meet - will not ship. Pictures are terrible.
$550 each - 1080 Rnds - 5.45 x 39


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