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I'm currently looking for use some rotary/spinning gun racks. Obviously, there's a few types of them out there and also the price would probably depend on the condition, the number of rifles it would hold, whether they have extra padding for the gunstock or extra clamps for the barrel, and the distance to where I live. They are also known by a few other names, such as spinning susans, and also I'm willing to buy homemade ones that people use for gunshows, so long as the construction is sturdy and is suitable for holding long guns and milsurps.

However, a ballpark estimate I would be between $100-$250 in cash per rack , dependent on the above factors and the quality of construction, and I'm willing to purchase multiple at the same time (to save you some driving time and fuel). I would also be willing to trade some ammo if you prefer ammo over cash. Please inquire what calibers I own if you wish do a trade or a combined cash/trade. If you wish for this option, I will require an AZ DL/ID check just in case since some more restrictive states may not allow ammo puschases/transfers without going thru an FFL08. Otherwise, no documentation is needed.

I also drive between CA and Phoenix Metro Area, AZ often for work so I would be willing to travel a bit, although I would be more willing to pay higher for closer by ofc.

I would be willing to meet at any sporting goods store (such as Cabela's, Bass Pro, Sportsman's Warehouse) or any shooting range, for both of our safeties of course.

I will attach some stock photos below of generally what I am looking for.


Contact me at: or via question or comment function on here.


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