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I'm currently interested in any complete Retro AR builds. As builds can take multiple forms, my offer can be adjusted accordingly, and I can also throw in some ammo or other accessories to sweeten the deal. As with all my requests, I am always happy to negotiate in good faith!

Features that appeal to me:
- Fixed buttstock with A1 LoP
- Retro handguard
- KP-15 lower builds if not
- Black, Tan, Brown, or Wooden Furniture
- 20-round magazines
- Retro brands that may appeal to me include Aero-precision, KE Arms, Windham Weaponry, Brownells (complete build), and if a miracle occurs, a Colt SP-1

If you have a custom retro build, just let me know what components you utilized to build it!

My price range is around $500-1000, negotiable and also adjustable if you are willing to accept ammo or other firearms accessories as part of a sale/trade bargain.

Reference pics are for reference only ofc.

Thank you for your interest!


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